Can you trust the figures in your revenue statements?

RevCheck’s Services

RevCheck offers revenue and cost reconciliation services to the international entertainment industry and performs distribution and production audits anywhere in the world. Licensing Rights holders (producers, distribution/sales companies) and beneficiaries and revenue participants (investors, funding entities, talent) benefit from our outstanding expertise as well as from a global network of selected external advisers and accounting professionals. Due to RevCheck‘s in-depth knowledge of international financing, production and distribution deals we can offer fair and objective advice to all parties involved in the reconciliation process.

We perform desk based work and conduct complete accounting verifications at licensee’s place of business. In that case, time-consuming fieldwork can also be managed, under RevCheck’s supervision, by TMF Group’s accounting professionals that have local language skills and local accounting expertise. The reduced travel burden allows RevCheck to focus on performing its services within shorter timeframes and for more competitive fees, making revenue and cost checks in smaller and medium-sized territories an attractive option for clients.