Can you trust
the numbers
on your cost reports and statements ?

RevCheck is a specialized audit firm that is servicing the film industry for more than a decade.

About Us

Film + Media Audit Services

RevCheck performs revenue participation and production cost audits on behalf of rights owners both remotely and on-site at the local offices of independent film and television distribution and production companies as well as major studios anywhere in the world.

Library Valuation Services

RevCheck offers valuation services in relation

to library sales transactions and recapitalizations 

of film and media companies.

Expert Opinions

RevCheck offers expert opinions on allocations of advance payments from foreign distributors for purposes of calculating residual payments to US Guilds. Visionary Rights Management + Online Approval + Reporting App

Together with leading industry professionals, RevCheck developed OARA, a visionary rights management, reporting and approval application that connects producers, sales agents and distributors online in a joint database system.

Our Partner: Freeway Entertainment CAM + Licensing Services

Freeway Entertainment provides dedicated collection account management, licensing and distribution services to a range of asset holders, including producers, sales agents, distributors, completion guarantors and financiers.