Film + Media Audit Services

RevCheck is specialized in performing film and television distribution audits as well as book audits for producers, sales agents, rights owners, profit participants and investors. 

At your request, RevCheck handles simpler audits remotely (desk audits), saving travel expenses. 

More complex audit programs are carried out at local offices of the audited companies to ensure an efficient review of backup documents and to gain access to personnel that handled the respective releases to discuss audit queries directly.

We run a thorough assessment of the potential audit case to give our clients the best possible basis for decision-making before greenlighting an audit.

Our first audit assessment is always free of charge.

Library Valuation Services

RevCheck offers valuation services with respect to film library sales transactions and recapitalizations of film and media companies. Our expertise and advice is sought by well established production and distribution companies in Europe and North America.

Expert Opinions

RevCheck prepares expert opinions using our expertise gained by auditing film and media assets internationally for more than a decade. We have repeatedly opined upon the allocation of producer's 

foreign minimum guarantees for purposes of calculating U.S. Guild residuals. 

OUR developmentS


OARA connects Distributors, Sales Agents and Producers

Together with leading industry professionals, RevCheck developed OARA, a visionary rights management, royalty reporting and distribution approval application that provides a direct data connection between Distributors, Sales Agents and Producers. The OARA app allows you to: 

- Manage Rights + Availabilities online

- Plan Release Dates online

- Create + approve P&A Budgets online

- Report Box Office online

- Create + submit Royalty Statements online

- Access data via iOS and Android mobile apps

- Operate OARA in English + other languages


Freeway Entertainment Collection Agent Rights Management

Collection Account Management

Rights holders may need to share revenues from a production with financiers, production partners or talent. Whatever the needs, Freeway's collection account managers securely, impartially and transparently collect, administer and disburse revenues that are placed in a secure, bankruptcy-remote collection account.  All revenues that are received in the collection account are allocated to stakeholders in accordance with a pre-agreed revenue sharing ‘waterfall’ and paid out at agreed intervals or upon request. Freeway provides up-to-date information about the financial status of the production online through the Freeway Reporting app.